OCamlTeX progress and darcs

I'm getting pretty close to a new release of OCamlTeX. Yesterday and today I've been working on tracking down a bug with \ocamlnewenvironment. Part of the problem, was something strange about defining the \endmacro that seems like it should have also been broken in PerlTeX. The other problem was a result of my not thinking about the case of zero argument macros. In PerlTeX this isn't a problem because if you are calling a zero argument subroutine, you can simply give it no arguments. So I had to hack in some code to handle putting in a unit argument for zero argument macros.

Additionally, I've switched to using darcs for OCamlTeX version control. This is partly because DreamHost only provides an ancient version of Subversion. And I am admittedly rather keen on the offline commit feature. So far I've been fairly pleased, but I've been having a hard time choosing "good" patch names. Anyway, if you want to grab the latest OCamlTeX, install darcs and run:

darcs get http://free-the-mallocs.com/repos/ocamltex/

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