Trits and pieces

This isn't really significant to talk about at the moment. Yesterday I finally got my questions for Robert Bringhurst out in an e-mail, hopefully I will hear back from him eventually.

It looks like a group of us here at Penn will be trying this year's ICFP Programming Contest. The plan is to use Haskell. As the hint is that it will involve computational archaeolinguistics, I think it is fair to guess that Haskell will be well suited to the task.

Otherwise, I've been making progress on revisions to the journal version of "Boxes Go Bananas". I'm hoping to be close to finished tomorrow or Thursday. We'll see.

I've thrown up a PmWiki installation on Free the Mallocs, but I'm still trying to figure out how to fit all the pieces together in my new web strategy. Some content from my existing web pages should probably go there, but how much? I have yet to get any feedback on Existential Type, and I've purposely been avoiding the trap of reading the logs. So if you have suggestions on the current or future design of either it or Free the Mallocs, be sure to let me know.

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