Rendering inconsistency

The other day while looking at Jason Reed's latest specimen for his typeface "Austin", I noticed a rather annoying difference in the italic version of the letters "i" and "j"

Picture 3.png Picture 1.png

However, when I mentioned this to him he said he didn't notice anything, and said that the dots both used the same control points. Puzzled, I tried loading the specimen in Acrobat Reader rather than Apple's Preview, and it looked just fine

Picture 2.png Picture 21.png

I found this quite strange because you would think that given Apple helped develop the TrueType format that they would know how to write a very good renderer. I can only guess that perhaps the hints FontForge produced weren't quite correct and that Acrobat uses some non-standard rendering/hinting algorithm.

I'm also a bit surprised at how much worse these PNGs look when I upload them to WordPress than they do in Photoshop. I'll have to look into it.  Update: I think I figured it out.  For some reason WordPress was insisting on resizing the images.

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