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Final drafts and current directions

I spent the beginning of my day preparing the final draft of "Good Advice for Type-directed Programming". I also got around to putting up the final draft of "Simple unification-based type inference for GADTs", although that has been available elsewhere already.

I've been making progress on my revisions to the journal version of "Boxes Go Bananas", and expect I'll have something ready for public consumption and submission for final approval by late next week. Maybe by then I'll have recieved the reviews for our journal paper on AspectML. Nate was telling me that he had the exact same experience with TOPLAS telling him his paper was accepted, but not providing the reviews.

I spoke with Dave on the phone about potential testbed applications for InforML. I think I have some promising ideas to work from. I'll probably start hacking on InforML in earnest after send these two journal submissions back over the wall.


This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

And so it begins. Content-wise I expect this blog will talk about my research, typography, and some of my software projects.


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