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Free the Mallocs prototype logo

Based upon Karl's suggestion, I created a prototype logo for "Free the Mallocs" based on the idea of a circular "free" list.

Free the Mallocs

I'm not entirely happy with how the linked list came out as I couldn't get Omnigraffle to converge on a "perfect" circle. My attempts at constructing one by hand in Illustrator were a little better, but then I would have had to have drawn all the arrows by hand.

In any event, it is at least a starting point.

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Graphic design

Silly as it is, one thing that has been holding me back on making further progress with is that I'm still trying to come up with a good logo design. The problem of course is that it is really hard to come up with a design that seems fitting. However, while typing this, I was just struck by using a design reminiscent of the various "free foo" and "save the bar" campaigns.

After spending a few minutes with Google seeing what other sites with a "free the" theme, I'd have to say that most of them weren't really very inspirational. I probably liked Free the Grapes the best, but I'm not sure what I would draw for a malloc in shackles.

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Typography gets cinematography

In celebration of it's 50th birthday, a documentary on Helvetica is being released. I try to avoid using Helvetica when possible, but it will hopefully prove interesting to my inner type-geek.


Competitive SPAM filtering

I was quite surprised to try a few different searches on Google and find that there does not appear to be any regular "competition" for the "best" spam filter. This seems like a good way to make sure we're making progress on filtering based solutions.

What got me thinking about this was the enormous amount of image based spam that I get these days because it has no content for SpamAssassin to work with other than the headers, and apparently they aren't always suspicious enough to be flagged.

It seems like a simple contest to run once gone to the trouble of compiling a training and competition corpus. I know from talking with J that contests are definitely used for "information retrieval" type research. Plus it seems like it would be a breeze to get a few corporate sponsors. I'll have to ask around and see what people think.