Bug squashed at last. Kinda.

One thing about WordPress that has been annoying me for quite some time is that it mangles UTF-8 in the subject of e-mail messages it sends out. Consequently, because my site uses the &exists; character, the subject line of messages I get about it are garbage. Apparently this has been a bug in WordPress for quite some time, but I did find that there is a plugin that will fix the problem. Of course I'll need to wait for someone to comment or what not before I'll know whether it truly works.

Also somewhat strange was the other day I received a spam comment after having installed WordPress Hash Cash. This leads me to believe that it is either broken or there are actually people out there spamming from an actual web browser. I suppose in theory it wouldn't be out of the question to robotize a web browser. The arms race continues. I still haven't come up with an effective way of filtering image-based spam. Though I sometimes suspect that some of it gets through because one of my spam filters fails to run if it somehow failed to acquire a lock.

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