Revision, revision, revision

On Wednesday, we finally finished revisions to the TOPLAS version of AspectML: A Polymorphic Aspect-oriented Functional Programming Language. While somewhat tedious, I think the revisions made the paper more approachable. Not to mention fixing a number of typos, omissions, and minor bugs. Assuming the reviewers dont' request another round of revisions, this will hopefully be about the last time I need to touch this paper.

Also, in conjunction with finishing these revisions, we made an α-quality release of the AspectML interpreter that corresponds to the language as described in the paper. It doesn't really come with any real documentation, but if you're interested in trying it and can't figure it out, let me know. You should only really need to have a recent version of SML/NJ handy. However, I highly recommend using rlwrap if you aren't running SML from emacs or some such.

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