The future of terminal »emulation«

Is anyone aware of there being a terminal emulator that supports something more expressive than ANSI graphics?

Specifically, it would be nice if there was a terminal that would interpret XHTML with CSS or some subset. I'm not entirely pleased with some of the output I get from the pretty printer I wrote for InforML (though originally for AspectML), and it seems kind overkill to start implementing my own code for flowing text and arranging things in a tabular fashion, when there exists perfectly good software for doing that kind of rendering.

There is something called »xmlterm« as part of the Mozilla source tree, and while Google still knows a few things about it, any trace of its actual development has disappeared from the web. I just tried building the latest Seamonkey with it enabled, but it didn't even seem to attempt to build it. I'm grabbing a significantly more ancient Mozilla release and will see if I can get that working.

This is definitely something I would like to work on when I have more free time, as there really isn't any reason for a more than twenty year-old text-only display protocol to be the state of the art when it comes to command-line interaction.

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