New otftofd

I just finished a new release of otftofd, my tool for generating LaTeX NFSS infrastructure for OpenType fonts (with a particular emphasis on those that have a large number of optical variants). It is available using darcs via

darcs pull

The most significant change in this release is that I have removed the dependency on the Cash library. While useful, just getting OCaml built and installed is already more complexity than most people want to deal with. The second change is that I've added an option --fsuffix= that allows for appending a suffix to the name of the font family. This is particularly useful for allowing multiple versions of the generated files for the same family. For example, in my dissertation I use

otftofd --enc=T1 *.otf
otftofd --enc=T1 --osf --fsuffix=OSF *.otf

so that I can refer to a version of a typeface with lining figures as the default and a version with old-style figures as the default. Finally, I've added an option --scale= that instructs it to use a scaling factor expressed with respect to 1.0

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