Links of this day

By way of Daring Fireball: Typographica has an article on their »favorite fonts of 2006« and Mark Simonson has put up a talk he gave at SOTA TypeCon 2006 on Adrian Frutiger.

BoingBoing noted the existence of Toypography blocks, an intriguing collection of reconfiguration glyphs.

While I haven't seen an announcement yet, the beta version of luatex is either out (it has a tag in the Subversion repository) or will be very soon. I was tempted to start using it for my dissertation, but it looks like it is incompatible with some of the things I have been doing to support UTF8, and it would probably waste more time than it will save me to redo that and handle all the other incompatibilities that I will inevitably discover.

From Chris, I learned about the new »glasses-mode« in GNU emacs. Essentially it will insert a custom separator into CamelCase identifiers. It's pretty slick. At some point I should probably look at the source to see how it works, since it would be nice to configure emacs to provide »views« for other sorts of information.

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