ICFP Programming Contest 2007 (and more)

This year's ICFP Programming Contest starts this coming Friday at noon, Central European Time. This year it is being run by a group, mostly at Utrecht University. There is actually an official blog where they have been developing some of the back-story for this year's contest. So far it looks like it will just be Brian and I representing Penn PLClub this year. Currently our plan is to write our entry in Coq (with a smidgen of OCaml), However, given that we cannot really plan for what they'll throw at us, it could prove to be very cumbersome. I would have also liked to have given it a try in Scala, but with the POPL deadline, Brian really wouldn't have had much time to learn it.

In some tangentially related news:

  • Martin appeared (perhaps »was heard« would be more accurate) on Software Engineering Radio to talk about Scala. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, as it is nearly an hour long, but if I split it between the walk into the office and back tomorrow I should be able to get through it.
  • The Cult of the Bound Variable finally released their implementation and tools from last year's ICFP Programming Contest. I spent a few minutes poking around the directories and code, but there is enough to keep someone busy for quite some time trying to grok it all.

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