Moving too slowly

I'm clearly not keeping up as well as I should be, as I've had three people forward me links about the excellent New York Times article The Road to Clarity and its accompanying slide-show (thanks Brian, Chris, and Frances). discusses the development of the Clearview typeface designed to replace what is known as "Highway Gothic" on US road signs.

I think it was on the ConTeXt mailing list that I saw that Zapf has published a new book: Alphabet Stories: A Chronicle of Technical Developments. 50 USD seems like a reasonable price, but it sounds like it may be a rather limited run.

Brian alerted me to a blog entry on »50 beautiful typefaces for professional design«. While there are plenty of nice typefaces in there, I think it goes a bit overboard on quantity versus quality. The entry mostly seems to be specimens obtained from various web sites; it would have been much better if they had spent some time explaining their choices. If nothing else this would have forced them to narrow their selections a bit.

Oxlahun pointed me to this post on The Language Log about exotic looking typefaces.

There has been past discussion about tools for comparing different typefaces. Last week while installing Ubuntu discovered there is a package for Wouter Bolsterlee's Gnome Specimen, a tool for previewing and comparing your installed fonts. I've only spent a few minutes playing with it, but it was pretty useful when I was doing some comparisons. However, it does lack support for some more esoteric things like small caps and old style figures. This most likely a limitations of the X11/Gnome font system, but it would be nice to see this fixed in the future.

Thinking of Gnome reminded about how Hanna told me about this LaTeX plugin for the Tomboy note-taking system.

I have a number of things that I've been meaning to write about, but I really should get back to writing and revising my dissertation.

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