OCamlTeX 0.7 Released

M. Colette Jean-Claude sent me his modified version of OCamlTeX that eliminates the dependency on Caml Shell. I've merged his changes into the darcs repository and deemed it version 0.7. The last change entry was from over a year ago. It feels like such a long time ago.

I have been meaning to write a little bit about my future plans for OCamlTeX for quite some time. Firstly, I am looking to do a complete rewrite eventually. One goal of this rewrite would be to take advantage of LuaTeX to hopefully reduce the communication overhead. My second goal will be to make it much easier to use other languages. Therefore, I expect I will rename it to something like MultiTeX that is a little more language agnostic.

My vision for this new design is first write a package in LuaTeX that will allow TeX to perform interprocess communication. Last time I investigated such things, I concluded that DBus seemed to be the favored interprocess messaging protocol. The actual MultiTeX package would be built on top of this package. Then all that is needed to add support for a new language is to write a daemon that accepts DBus messages from MultiTeX and sends back the result of the requests.

I developed this plan quite some time ago, but I have not begun the implementation partly because I have been so busy finishing InforML and my dissertation and partly because I have been waiting for LuaTeX to mature. Of course, if anyone is interested in helping with the
project, let me know.

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