Fonts and Encodings

My wrists have started giving me some trouble, but when I discovered that O'Reilly has published a book called Fonts and Encodings, I had to write something up. At least from the table of contents looks like a promising resource. I'll have to see if Barnes and Noble has it while I'm out this afternoon.  Update:  while the O'Reilly web site says published in »September«, Amazon says that it has not been released yet.  And no, I do not get any money if you visit that link.

Other news in brief, I've finished writing I think, now it is just down to revising my dissertation. I've also finally started on Gentzen Symbol seriously; I'll have more on that before too long.

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  1. ∃xistential Type » Hands on with Fonts & Encodings (finally) said,

    March 28, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

    […] September, I mentioned being quite excited by the new O’Reilly book Fonts & Encodings. Today, I was tempted to buy it from the campus […]

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