Today’s progress on Gentzen Symbol

I realized that I also needed / and \circ, so I added them to the table:

Today’s Gentzen draft

The arrows are slightly more calligraphic now. \Rightarrow looks subtly wrong, but I double-checked that the angles on the head are the same as for \rightarrow. Or at least I thought I did; I just checked it again and the bottom part of the arrow head is off by three degrees in \Rightarrow.  Or rather the angle in \rightarrow is off, but somehow I like the way it looks better. I'm also wondering whether the arrows are perhaps too geometric.

My attempts at \forall and \exists are based upon AMS Euler's captial A and E, but simplified a little. I'm kind of worried that in comparison to all the other symbols they are not geometric enough.

I'm not really happy with how <, >, and \leq have turned out so far. I spent a little bit of time looking at Warnock's versions and actually rather like how they look, but I would like to avoid imitating too heavily from something that is not in "the public domain". Technically AMS Euler and Computer Modern are not "public domain", as they are copyrighted, but their owners allow for modifications and redistribution as long as they are given different names. Though the issues surrounding copyrighting typefaces is kind of a mess in the United States.  I could just opt to use the versions in Warnock, and try to come up with something better for Gentzen Symbol when I have more time.

I made a stab at building my dissertation using the current draft, but the way I have \{ and \} configured causes some problems.

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