Initial version of Gentzen nearly complete

Gentzen is nearing completion, or at least the version that contains all the symbols I need for my dissertation.

New draft of Gentzen

I'm not very happy with how \preceq has turned out, but I am not sure just yet how to improve it.

I needed to create \cap and \cup because of a new table I created based upon one committee member's suggestion.

I create a large left brace,{, to replace the standard one I had been using temporarily.

I also needed to create a long version of \Rightarrow, because I used \implies in a few places and just discovered that was created by overlapping \Rightarrow and =.

Finally, I made a few adjustments to \forall and \in based upon the feedback I had received. I'm not sure how obvious the changes are.

I also just noticed that there must be something wrong with the asterisk. I think I have that sorted out in my working version now.

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