Principia Narcissus finished

I just finished the last revisions on it today. If you like, you can purchase a bound copy from Lulu at cost. You can also download a copy from them, but it does not look like it will have the cover (or at least as part of a single download). I am hoping I can put together a PDF that contains the front cover for download.

One of the things that rather surprised me when I was making the final tweaks to the cover was that the width of the printed book Lulu sent me is actually 209mm rather than the 210mm you would expect for A4. However, this did not seem to impact anything, so I will not worry about it. My best guess is that a millimeter or so of the page width is lost due to the binding process. I was surprised to find that I had managed to quite accurately center the large orange text on the cover quite well by eyeballing it.

This final version contains a number of typographical fixes and small wording changes. Chapter 5 received the greatest number of edits as I decided to proofread the entire chapter again. It was the last chapter written and had received the least amount of scrutiny.

I really hope that somehow I did not introduce some kind of terrible printing problem or mistake in the process of fixing all the things I noticed that were wrong with the draft printing I received. If I did, I expect most of the recipients will probably not tell me.

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