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Font identification

I've mentioned Identifont in the past, but I was just thinking that I should point out the existence of
WhatTheFont, a tool that will identify a font for you from an image. If failed to identify anything useful for the EPFL logo, but I doubt that corresponds to a real font. From a screen capture, it did correctly identify that the ∃xistential Type header at the top of the page is made from a member of the Warnock Pro family.

WhatTheFont was first brought to my attention on Daring Fireball.


The other Scala

A post by James Iry on the Scala mailing list today reminded me of the existence of FF Scala (along with its companion FF Scala Sans). I haven't received confirmation, but I suspect that Programming in Scala does not, unfortunately,  use any members of the FF Scala family. I was sorely tempted to purchase the fonts, until I saw the prices. Maybe someday.

And there are plenty of other Scalas about. In San Francisco:

Alas, we did not succeed in getting Martin to eat there while he was at JavaOne. Photo courtesy of Robby Findler.