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Assuming anyone is still reading or subscribed to the RSS feed, you have probably noticed the marked lack of updates. There are a variety reasons for this. One is that I joined the compiler team at LogicBlox in January. As such, I am not really doing all that much typesetting or typographical sorts of things these days. Though I have been recently learning the joys of trying to produce HTML and PDF output from a DocBook source and have both look remotely reasonable. As for type systems, well, I've been doing some of that, and may be doing quite a bit more in the near future. But rather than worrying about whether I may say too much, I'm just saying nothing about that for maximal peace of mind.

So at this point I wouldn't expect much more anytime soon. I have contemplated simply shutting the site down to further simplify my life, but there is still a steady readership for my LaTeX and fonts tutorial according to the analytics.

There was some renewed interest in my document Typographic Style for Computer Scientists on Reddit yesterday, so maybe I will finally take some time to produce a new draft of that soonish.

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