Finding symbols graphically

Jeff pointed me to these extremely cool and useful web application: Detexify2.  At least a few of you readers have spent time skimming The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List looking for the incantation required for a specific symbol. With Detexify2 you can just scribble something that roughly looks the symbol and it will tell you the name and, if necessary, the LaTeX package that provides it.

The only problem is that it lets users help train the recognizer.  This can also be a good thing, but I can imagine a few malicious users (or perhaps just people with very bad drawing skills) ruining it for everyone.

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Gentzen Symbol released

I just finished hastily packaging up a prototype release of Gentzen Symbol (I can't avoid working on my ICFP paper all day).  I would of course be interested in any feedback or problems people might have if they try using it, or suggestions on how to improve the design of the glyphs for future releases or development.

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